An online course for family and

motherhood photographers

I've realized that the moments of in-between are the ones that hold the most energy. When we can recognize those experiences in our lives, we can translate that into honest and emotive imagery that speaks truth and beauty to our clients and to others.

How this course is different and valuable to photographers...

I truly believe that when we as humans, photographers, mothers, are able to recognize and acknowledge our journey, we are able to then better recognize the journey's of others.

It is this awareness that translates into truly honest and emotive imagery within our photographs.

I've created this online course for photographers longing to set their work apart from the crowd, and to truly serve their clients well. Through written content, practical application, raw video footage of my shooting sessions, and screen shot editing videos, get ready to start creating meaningful, timeless, organically emotional images that will fulfill your creative spirit, honor the families in front of your lens, and speak to mothers in a universal way.

How to really SEE others...

This course teaches you not only how to harness the power of in between moments within your own life, but how to use that to "see" others more clearly, honestly, and beautifully.

What to expect from the course content...

I use clear PDF guides and videos to teach you how I pose using the concept of the in between moments, how I shoot film in different lighting situations, how I edit a full session, and also how I prepare for a session and where I draw posing inspiration from. I offer a formula for unique and honest posing, as well as two raw videos of me shooting sessions straight through with voice over of what I'm doing and why.

Why this course is valuable...

As a photographer, it is vital to set your work apart in a heavily saturated industry. Using a story unique to us, in a way that feels relatable and universal to others, is imperative in booking your ideal client, and creating work that feels true to you and honest to your client's story. This course has been created to teach you to do just that!

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