“As a credentialed secondary school teacher, home educator of four children, and professional photographer, I know the importance of clear, applicable, creative lessons. The kind that breath life into your student, and help him or her to find his or her own unique voice through art, writing, and learning the skill of photography.

I’d love to be a part of your student’s journey in photography!”

-Alexandria Smith, Creator of Snapshot Schoolhouse 

How does it work?

The 6 week online course starts once you sign up…

  • Immediately upon joining the course, your student will gain access to the curriculum, and then you can decide together the best approach, 6 weekly lessons, or go at their own pace!
  • The resource list will give ideas for affordable camera gear to buy or rent, new or used
  • Each week focuses on a different aspect of photography: ie shooting in manual mode, utilizing light, composition, motion and double exposures, telling a story, and post processing.
  • Each week includes the following material: a downloadable PDF, a video presentation, and a homework assignment based upon that week’s topic

Students will learn...

how to use a digital camera in manual mode and what the settings all mean.

Students will learn...

how to create motion, blur, and shoot in different lighting situations.

Students will learn...

how to capture a well composed image, tell a story through photographs, and edit those images in a true to life aesthetic.

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Who does the course serve?

  • students ages 12-18
  • students interested in learning the basic foundations of photography
  • student interested in learning the creative and artistic side of photography
  • parents looking for a complete creative + educational online unit for their junior high or high school student